Senja Utama Solo Train Schedule

Senja Utama Solo means train that start departure on afternoon at Solobalapan Stations. This is second class of train or Bussines class of Indonesian Train. The Following Senja Utama Solo Train Schedule efective on April 2015. Senja Utama Solo train linking Jakarta to Yogyakarta and final destination at Solo. Departures on Jakarta Pasarsenen Stations 22.00 West Indonesia Time and Arrive Solobalapan Stations 06.58 West Indonesia Time. The Tours From Jakarta to Solo take 8 hours 58 minutes. Senja Utama Solo route and stops at Pasarsenen, Cirebon, Purwokerto, Kutoarjo, Yogyakarta, Klaten and Solobalapan. You must see timetable of Senja Utama Solo from table below :


Train Number 134 (Jakarta to Solo)

Stations Arrivals Departures
CIREBON 00.52 01.07
PURWOKERTO 03.08 03.20
KUTOARJO 04.56 05.02
YOGYAKARTA 05.57 06.05
KLATEN 06.30 06.32


Train Number 133 (Solo to Jakarta)

Stations Arrivals Departures
KLATEN 17.57 18.00
YOGYAKARTA 18.26 18.35
KUTOARJO 19.30 19.41
WONOSARI 20.03 20.13
KROYA 20.59 21.03
PURWOKERTO 21.31 21.51
CIREBON 23.54 00.11
BEKASI 02.42 02.44
JATINEGARA 03.01 03.03

Interiro Lodaya BisnisThis is the interior of Senja Utama Solo train, the seats consist of 64 passenger. And it can be set face to face with other paseenger if we tours with our family or friends.

You can booking Senja Utama Train Ticket online on or You can book it earlier H-90 or 3 month earlier.

The Senja Utama Solo train ticket prices is based on subclass, B IDR 275.000, K 260.000, N 250.000, O 235.000.

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I hope you will enjoy your tours by rail and feel comfortable with the service. Explore Indonesia by train and Found thet beautifull of Indonesia. See Also Argo Lawu Train Schedule .