Argo Dwipangga Train Schedule Jakarta to Solo

Hello, This is Argo Dwipangga Train Schedule Jakarta to Solo efective on April 2015. Argo Dwipangga train linking Jakarta to Yogyakarta and finish at Solobalapan Railway Stations. This is executive class or first class train that each of couch consist 50 seats. Argo Dwipangg train can be used from Jakarta to Kutoarjo, Jakarta to Yogyakarta, Jakarta to Solo. The train route will stop at Stations Cirebon, Purwokerto, Kroya, Kutoarjo, Yogyakarta, Klaten and final destination at Solobalapan. Depart from Jakarta Gambir at 08.00 west Indonesia time and arrive Solobalapan Stations at 16.35 west Indonesia Time. The tours take 8 hours 35 minutes. For more detail timetable of Argo Dwipangg train, see table below :
Train Number 10 (Jakarta to Solo)

Stations Arrivals Departures
CIREBON 10.46 10.53
PURWOKERTO 12.50 12.58
KROYA 13.25 13.32
KUTOARJO 14.40 14.44
YOGYAKARTA 15.35 15.42
KLATEN 16.06 16.09


Train Number 9 (Solo to Jakarta)

Stations Arrivals Departures
KLATEN 20.26 20.28
YOGYAKARTA 20.52 20.57
KUTOARJO 21.49 21.53
PURWOKERTO 23.24 23.33
CIREBON 01.33 01.40
JATINEGARA 04.15 04.17

Interior Argo DwipanggaThe first class train consist 50 seats, the formations 2-2 not face to face with other passengger.

You can booking Argo Dwipangga train tickets online at or You can book H-90 earlier.

The Argo Dwipangga train ticket prices based on subclass A IDR 380.000, H IDR 350.000, I IDR 315.000 and J IDR 285.000.

For other option train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta or Solo, you can choose Argo Lawu Train , This is the Sechedule Of Argo Lawu Train.

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