Argo Muria Train Schedule Jakarta to Semarang

Hello, This is Argo Muria Train Schedule Jakarta to Semarang executive class or first class train. This schedule efective on April 2015 until now. Muria is name of mountain in central java. Argo Muria Train is linking Jakarta to Tegal railway Stations and Semarang as final destinations. Depart at Jakarta Gambir Stations on 07.00 west indonesia time and arrive at Seamrang Tawang Stations on 13.00 west indonesia time. The tours from Jakarta to Semarang with Argo Muria Train take 6 hours. For more detail of timetable Argo Muria Train please see table below :

Train Number 14 (Jakarta to Semarang)

Stations Arrivals Departures
CIREBON 09.45 09.52
TEGAL 10.47 10.52
PEKALONGAN 11.38 11.43


Train Number 13 (Semarang to Jakarta)

Stations Arrivals Departures
PEKALONGAN 17.13 17.18
TEGAL 18.02 18.10
CIREBON 19.06 19.13
BEKASI 21.34 21.36
JATINEGARA 21.53 21.55

Interior Argo DwipanggaInterior Design give passengers more comfortable.

The seat designed more comfortable than Bussines class and economy class, the seat formation is 2-2 no face to other passengger. You can choose the position of seat based on subclass off couch. The Argo Muria Train Ticket for Jakarta to Semarang based on subclass A 310.000, H 285.000, I 255.000 and J 230.000.

Enjoy your tours by rail especially Argo Muria train for more comfortable serve, explore Indonesia by train and see the beuatifull of Semarang City. See Also Menoreh Train Schedule Jakarta to Semarang Economy Class.